We deliver tailor-made films, animations, motion graphics, VFX, music and stills at the highest level, straight from the heart of Southern Denmark – Sønderborg.


Everything we do is with great passion and love to films and animations. We make sure to tell your story in the right way, while fulfilling your initial goal. It is very important for us to stay true to your brand identity while delivering highest quality film.

FS7 camera
Recording session at client

Our team consists of experts in film, animation and advertising industry. We have thorough knowledge and experience on how to make the most of your film investment. With us, you will be well taken care of and have smooth sailing throughout the whole project!

Ever felt lost in the process? Don’t worry! We at Zoom Film handle every aspect of the project! From storyboard, location, actors, make-up artists to permissions, equipment, post-production and many others!

We say ‘NO!’ to half measures. We believe that you get top results only by dedicating 100% of your focus and effort into the project. Zoom Film is a result oriented film and animation company that aims for perfection and knows that nothing is impossible.

"Zoom Film have made a high quality material.

They have helped us through the entire process from start to end,
and came with ideas we haven't thought about ourselves.


- Gram & Juhl